Summer Camps

Every day has different activities.  

Tuesday -- painting day

Wednesday  -- cooking day (we take into consideration all food alergies)

Thurdsay -- Waterplay day

Friday -- Frozen treat and face painting day

Please  bring a healthy snack/lunch and spill proof drink. Also a water bottle with your name on it.

Because nuts can be a life threating allergy, we ask no nuts be brought to the first day of camp.

After we know there are no allergies, you are welcome to bring them in.

Campers must be potty trained and able to use the restroom by themselves.  We do not allow pullups in camp.

Summer Camps 2018

Dinosaur Camp


Come dig up some dinosaurs!  Learn about fossils, and find out how dinosaurs lived.

Games,stories, arts and crafts, and more

Ages 3-7 $105.00

June 18-22

Monday - Friday 9:30-12:30

Fairy Camp


Who are your favoite Fairies?  Learn about your favorite fairy.  Friday is dress up and face painting day!  Stories, painting day, games and much more!

Ages 3-7 $105.00


Monday - Friday 9:30-12:30

Safari Camp


Let's go on Safari and explore the jungle and Amazon.  What animals live there?

Painting day, water play day, games, stories and more!

Ages 3-7 $105.00

July 9-13

Monday - Friday 9:30-12:30

Space Camp


Explore space, the solar system and what astronauts do in outerspace.  Games, arts and crafts, stories and more!

Ages 3-7 $105.00

July 16-20

Monday - Friday 9:30-12:30

Super Hero Camp


Create your own Super Hero!  What will your special powers be? Friday is show off your Super hero you created! Obstacle courses, games, crafts, stories, and much more!

Ages 3-7 $105.00

July 23-27

Monday - Friday 9:30-12:30 

Under the Sea Camp


What lives in the deep blue sea? Come and explore all the creatures that live in the sea.  Stories, arts and crafts, water plauyday, and more!

Ages 3-7 $105.00

July 30-Aug. 3

Monday - Friday 9:30- 12:30